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Pat Wolfe passed his instructing position onto practiced builder, Brian Morrison, a former student of the Pat Wolfe Log Building School and Pat's past assistant Instructor. He is particularly interested in the traditional approaches to log building which he believes foster a  culture which reduces the footprint of building construction has on the environment. Brian extends Pat's building values and priorities on site in the custom homes he creates and in the education he delivers.

Brian is in complete agreement with Pat’s teaching methods. "I can identify with Pat’s mastery in how he builds handcrafted log buildings and interprets traditional methods of log home construction. Pat’s program of instruction has proven to be successful for over thirty years and his ability to train and supervise countless students with various skill levels is a demonstration of his proven methodology," says Brian.

Brian is a member of the International Log Builders Association, & the Ontario Woodlot Association.


Now acting as the executive Master Builder to the school, Pat offers valuable and irreplaceable insight to the program.

Pat Wolfe is a founding Director of the Ontario Logbuilders Association and a Director of the Canadian Logbuilders Association. He has also been a member of the Government Task Force on Log Building. He has thirty years experience in the log building industry, including thirteen years in the construction industry. He is also a licenced plumber. He has built everything from a log doghouse to a 3,000 sq. ft. luxury home.

In 1975, Pat invented the double bubble log scriber now used extensively in the industry.

Pat has taught at both Fanshaw and Senica Community Colleges in Ontario. In 1983 he was invited as a guest instructor to the Allan Mackie School of Log Building in British Columbia and has taught throughout Ontario and in the United States. He also taught courses in log building schools in Japan in 1993 and in Australia in 1997.

Pat Wolfe is a firm believer in the practical approach. All courses emphasize hands-on experience, although, of necessity, some classroom work on roof systems, foundations and sills is part of every course.

Pat Wolfe has traveled extensively throughout Western and Eastern Europe and Asia examining log and timber joinery.

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